Monday, July 8, 2013

May have had a bit too much fun this weekend

This weekend was amazing in all aspects except diet and exercise

One of my closest friends was down from Sydney and we over indulged to the max
She is such a bad influence...but I know it's my fault for giving in so easily

On Friday, we spent the day shopping in the city. We walked and walked and walked so I used that as an excuse to eat. We went to grill'd for lunch, I'd never been there but I'd heard it was dangerous calorie wise. I stuck to the mixed vegetable salad because I was able to check the calories on their website. A few hours later, we had time to kill so we decided to get a coffee. We ended up at San churro...again, I'd never been there. My friend was telling me all about how amazing their hot chocolate is...especially the peanut butter melt. I knew I was in for a killer calorie filled dessert, but I didn't want her to feel bad for drinking it alone so I gave in and had one. Bloody amazing! Definitely worth it. For dinner, we went to groove lounge. Again, I was planning on having something light, but my sister and friend were indulging in pizza and pasta and I didn't want to fill like the odd one out. I stupidly decided to get the gnocchi which was laden with cream. I felt so sick afterwards.

Saturday we ate quite well, but I drank. I stuck to clear shots and vodka waters so it wasn't too bad.

Sunday we ended up at cold rock. It was delicious but sickeningly sweet.

Last night I went to max Brenner for the first time. Wasn't worth it!

I don't know what came over me. It's like I just gave up. I went to give for two hours yesterday but I slept in this morning so didn't make it to my morning session today. I really cannot be bothered to go to Zumba tonight but I'm sure ill just JFDI and drag myself there

Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Lets hope I haven't ruined all my efforts on one naugh weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 8 Milestone Weigh In

Woohooo Loss of 1.4kg this morning!!

I was really nervous about this weigh in because:
- didn't go to gym on Friday or Saturday
- went out drinking on Friday (straight shots only, and vodka waters)
- Slept in until 1pm on Saturday
- Went out for dinner on Saturday (Huge Lamb and CousCous Salad...which I ate all of!)
- exceeded my calorie intake about 3 out of the 7 days

But I was also hopeful that I'd lose a big number because:
- worked out for two hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and for 4 hours! on Thursday!
- I've been wearing my bodymedia armband religiously and am recording every calorie, ensuring that I burn at least 1200 calories more than I consume

Total loss in these 8 weeks = 9.6kg
Totall loss since pre season= 11.9kg!

Current weight is 75.1kg
At the beginning of this journey, my goal was to weigh 75kg
I still have 4 weeks to go!! If I weigh 72kg by the end of this challenge, I will be over the fricken moon!
I already am though. I am so proud of myself and I feel amazing already

Took my measurements this morning also:

Total Changes:
Bust: -7cm
Waist: -11cm
Hips -9cm
Thigh -9cm
Arm -2cm

Total cms lost: 38cms!!

I am so excited to head to Europe now. I'm feeling more comfortable, more fit, and loving myself alot more

3 weeks until I fly out!