Sunday, May 26, 2013

First red flag day

Today was my first red flag day
I went to my cousins baptism and the reception was a catered, three course event
I had Special K and a banana for breakfast which equated to around 300 calories
Lunch wasn't served until 3pm so I was starving! Entree was lasagne. I didn't know how late the next course would be so I ate that, even though I wasn't too keen on having pasta. Next course was chicken cacciatore with mashed potato. I know I shouldn't have eaten it all, but it was damn good. I did not touch the dessert (even though it looked amazing). I really hate that I didn't know how many calories I was consuming. I don't know how much cheese was in the lasagne or how much the chicken weighed. I hate not being in control!
We got home at around 4:30 and by 7:30 I was hungry again. I had some of mums home made pumpkin soup with a slice of toast and a chobani
I know for sure that I exceeded my 1200 cals, I just don't know how much more calories I consumed.
It's really bugging me that I don't know how many calories I ate. I didn't do any exercise either. I have been perfect every other day! I don't think there's any point in eating less calories tomorrow to even it out, I will just have to workout harder and longer tomorrow.

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  1. Oh it's so hard eating out, and especially when it's a set menu. All I can suggest in times like this is eat what you think is okay, skip the dessert if it looks dangerous, drink stacks of water, and exercise doubly hard the next day. Apart from that, ENJOY the day too! Food shouldn't be our enemy, even though at times we think it's slapping us in the face. The important thing is that you are extra vigilant now for the next few days to make amends.