Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weigh in nerves!

Tomorrow morning is weigh in for week 2
Once again, I have resisted the urge to take a sneak peek on the scales all week
I'm a bit nervous. I have done all I could. I did have a red flag day this week and it is still bugging me. I could have been way over my calorie limit...how would I know!
I'd say that I'd be happy with at least half a kilo...but really I'd be disappointed with anything less than one kilo
Crossing all my fingers and toes!
My clothes are staing feel ridiculously big now! Threw a pair of jeans into my gym bag last night without trying them on. Put them on at gym before work and they were way too big! I only bought them in December and today I could take them off and put them on without unbuttoning them. Such an awesome feeling!


  1. How did your weigh in go?
    I've had a similar win with jeans recently, makes the numbers seem irrelevant when your pants are suddenly too big!

  2. I hate being a slave to the scales. Don't let it dictate to you. Just use the scales as a guide, we all have ebbs and flows. I've learnt that the hard way. Great feeling on the clothes though!!