Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shopping NSV!

I am determined not to weigh myself until Wednesdays. I need to break the habit of weighing myself every hour!
Anyways, this morning I pushed myself to do the SSS. I did Mish's "Earn your burn" workout this morning and all I can say is OUCH! It was quick and intense, but it did its job and I burned around 500 cals. I was half way there so I decided to jump on the wii. I have not used the wii in over a year, but I have some great fitness games including the biggest loser challenge game. I'm missing Zumba tomorrow so I decided to throw on the "my fitness coach: Latin dance" game. I really love Zumba and Latin dancing! I did it for about an hour and burned around 350 more calories. Although I didn't reach the 1000 calorie burn, I was pretty proud of myself for giving it a to.
I didn't have breakfast until 11am and then went straight to Highpoint for some retail therapy. I ended up walking around there for 4 hours! I was exhausted and I definitely burned in excess of 1000 calories just by the amount of walking I did!
I ended up buying quite a few clothes...however I wasn't intending to buy much! I just got so excited when I fit into two size 12 items!! I am far from a size 12, but I have quite a small waist so I can now fit in to smaller skirts! I was so happy and so motivated to keep working hard at it. I can't wait until I can fit into a size 10-12 top and pants.
I wasn't able to have lunch at the shops because I forgot to take my toothbrush with me! These bloody invisalign make it almost impossible to eat out!
I ate dinner at 6 but still have 500 calories left over. I know I shouldn't under eat, but I don't think it's beneficial to eat a high caloric great just to make up my 1200 cals.
There's a magnum ice cream sitting I'm the fridge that I have dibs just in case I choose to have it. I will still be under my calori limit, but I may just treat myself this once!

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  1. Sounds like you have had a brilliant day, go you on the clothes. Nothing more satisfying. As for the weighing, ack! Guilty!! Heck I even weighed myself at 3am once when I got up to go to the loo! Crazy head spinning stuff.