Friday, May 24, 2013

12WBT Round 2 2013

I am back and am taking another stab at the 12WBT
This time, I am more determined than ever.
I leave for Europe in 9 weeks, and I refuse to feel uncomfortable being covered up in the Summer heat.
This time around, I have a little help from my new invisalign braces!
My treatment started on May 2nd 2013, and since then I have lost about 5 kg. Although I can eat anything I want (unlike normal metal braces), its not as easy to eat whenever I want. Every time I want to eat, I need to remove the retainers and then brush and floss every time I put them back in. Therefore, I can't just grab a piece of chocolate or a biscuit without all of the hassle!
I have stuck to three meals a day and after the first week or so, I didn't even feel hungry anymore.

My progress on the 12WBT this round has been great so far. My start weight at preseason was 87kg. I started week 1 (13/5/13) at 84.7kg. After my first week and a half (22/5/13) I lost 2.4kg.

Week three starts on Monday and I can't wait! I am wearing my bodymediafit band 24/7 and I generally aim to have a calorie deficit of over 1300 calories daily. I am sticking to 1200 calories exactly, and am waking up every weekday at 6:30am to get to the gym. I'm even surprising myself at how determined I am. The old me would have laughed if someone even suggested waking up that early to exercise!

I feel like I am finally in the right headspace to finish off the rest of my weight loss. I turn 25 in January and do not want to spend another year worrying about my weight!

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