Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh In

Starting Weight 27/8/12: 90.7kg
First weigh in 29/8/12: 89.2kg
Wk 1 5/9/12: 88.7kg (-0.5kg)
Wk 2 12/9/12: 88.1kg (-0.6kg)

Total lost: 2.6kg

I had been eating over my calorie target all through the week. I kicked my ass about it on Sunday and had stuck to the plan completely from Monday.
I'm glad I lost at least half a kilo. I have been exercising like crazy and drinking loads of water.
I know I say it every week, but I think it's going to be a good week this week
My goal was to be at 80kg by the end of the 12 weeks so it's looking good!

Unfortunately, my personal trainer quit his job today so can no longer train me. I'm quite disappointed because we got along really well and I lost 10kg since I started training with him in May.
I think I can do it on my own now though.
My sister and I are just going to have to push each other like he did

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  1. You are well on the way to getting to 80kg the way you are going, so keep it up. As for the PT you know what to do, having your sister work out with you is a good encouragement and motivator. I know if I'm working out with a friend I work out just that bit harder than when I'm on my own.