Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wk 2 Day 10

Just got back from the gym and am dying!!
Had my PT session and we went into the "man side" of the gym...the heavy weights!
We did reverse push ups, weighted squats with a 20kg bar, vertical knee raises, chest flies, push ups, chest press and much more
My body was shaking uncontrollably when I got home!
PT was only 30 minutes but I'm in too much pain to do any more exercise. Tomorrow though, I am going to body combat and zumba...I normally burn 800-1000 cals on Thursdays!
I ate well today, not much snaking and I drank lots and lots of water! Didn't stick 100% to the eating plan though.

Breakfast: natural muesli with skim milk
Lunch: mountain bread wrap with half a small avocado, spinach, cottage cheese and 2 thin slice of tasty cheese
Dinner: Mish's meatballs with organic penne
Snacks: Cashews

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