Monday, August 27, 2012

12WBT Wk 1, Day 1

Day one is done and dusted!!!
Had a really crappy day at work but at least the food was delicious
Because of my band, I find it hard to each sandwiches, so I had the carrot tabouleh and hummus wrap. It was so good! Albeit a little soggy (I know, I know I should have prepared it at work but I had a busy day!)
The breakfast berry bruschetta was AMAZING! It was like eating dessert for brekkie!

Meal Plan (I calculated the calories based on the products I bought)

7:30am- 1 slice of berry bruschetta (128 cals)
9am- 1 slice of berry bruschetta (128 cals)
11am- skinny cappucino (60 cals)
12pm- 1/2 carrot, tabouleh & hummus wrap (117 cals)
1pm- 1/2 carrot, tabouleh & hummus wrap (117 cals)
4pm- celery stick with 10gm light peanut butter (80 cals)
7:30pm- cajun fish stew (barramundi and only had half of the veggies) (240 cals)
9pm- Chobani yoghurt with small banana topped with mixed berries (262 cals)

Total: 1132 Cals
Might have a coffee to make up for the remaining calories

10 mins treadmill, incline 6
10 mins recumbent bike
10 mins cycling
5 mins X trainer
2 mins Rowing

Leg Press, chest press, lateral shoulder press, seated row, ab machine...weights!

Also did a boxing class!!

Calories burned during workout: 860 Cals

What an awesome day!! I hope the remaining 83 days are just as good!

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