Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cleaning out the kitchen

Pre-Season task 5 is to clean out the kitchen
Seems pretty straight forward
Only thing is that I still live at home with the family
My mum is pre-diabetic and needs to lose weight, my sister and my dad also need to lose weight. However, mum has a horrid tendency of stocking up the pantry and fridge with junk "just in case we have visitors".
I have spoken to her, and even my sister and dad have supported me and also feel the same way that I do about mum's shopping, but I have a huge gut feeling that she will return from her weekend shop next week and the kitchen will be full of crap.
I know I am in control of what I put in my mouth, but it's a lot let tempting when that junk isn't within reach!
I WILL stick to the eating plan despite whatever mum chooses to do. It just means that I need to be stronger and have a lot more will power.

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