Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12WBT Wk 1 Day 2

Day two, I was a little hungrier but did not give in!
I snuck in a lot of incidental exercise which was good
I am a mental health support worker, so I have the freedom of structuring my client appointments to whatever my client and I agree on. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day in Melbourne so I decided to go for a walk with a client. We walked for about 40 mins, albeit quite slow but at least I was moving!
After work, I went to the gym with a friend and worked out on the cardio machines before Zumba
I'm not sticking to the exercise plan at the moment. I am swapping the days around and doing my own thing but I have found that I'm still getting all the different exercises in the classes I'm attending (ie. in boxing we do a lot of Mish's exercises)

Meal Plan:
7:30am- Porridge with cinnamon and apple (251 cals)
9:30am- Chai berry latte (99 cals)
12pm- 2 x chickpea rissoles, 1tbs natural yoghurt, spinach and tomato salad (250 cals)
2pm- celery and PB (90 cals)
5:30pm- small banana (72 cals)
7pm- small bowl pumpkin soup (110 cals)
8pm- chobani yoghurt (140 cals)
9:30pm- 2 thin rice cakes with laughing cow cheese (90 cals)

Total- 1102 cals (under again arrgghhhh!)

10 mins treadmill, incline
20 mins cycling

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