Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12WBT Wk 1 Day 3

Weigh in Day!!!

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I was too excited and jumped straight out of bed this morning to weigh in, and it was fantastic!

Start weight (27/8/12...2 days ago) 90.7kg - I was lighter on Friday morning but I drank a bit that night and obviously retained water weight

Today's weight: 89.2kg!!! 1.5kg loss

I was so happy and it just made me more determined to keep it up!!

Today we had a work planning day so lunch was provided. I did plan ahead and prepare a salad wrap to take with me, but work provided salad sandwich triangles. They looked quite healthy and I took a quick look of what was in them and it was mostly salad veggies and cheese/ham slices. I figured I had about 200 cals but am not quite sure so today's calorie count isn't very accurate.

Meal Plan:
8am- 2 slices multi grain toast with baked beans and spinach (235 cals)
12:30pm- salad sandwich (approx 200 cals)
4pm- small banana (72 cals)
7pm- 100gm lamb rump with mushy peas and ricotta (315 cals)
8pm- chobani (140 cals)
8:30pm- 2 rice cakes with PB and laughing cow cheese (174 cals)

Total (approx)- 1136 cals. May have been more though!!

PT session- weight training...I did chin ups!
15 mins tradmill
10 mins cycling
Body Step class!

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  1. Fantastic loss! You must be feeling great. The food you are eating sounds delicious, please share a couple of your favourite meals recipes if you get a chance. :-)