Thursday, June 20, 2013

32 days...

Until I'm off to Europe!
I cannot wait. These past 6 weeks, I have worked my ass off to be as fit as I can be for my travels
I'm headed to Malta for 6 weeks, but I'd also like to do some travelling while I'm there
I've had my eye on a few different tours, but finally booked one yesterday...

A trek through the 5 villages of the Cinque Terre in Italy!

Yes, you read correctly...a TREK!
Some days we could be hiking for up to 8 hours =S

I'm a bit nervous, but I decided to suck it up and set myself a challenge
Plus, I'm sure views like below will be well worth the trek!

I don't think I will train for the trek, but I will be working extra hard to increase stamina and endurance

Yesterday, I did a total of 4 hours at the gym over the day! 12WBT workout in the morning, cardio and weights during the day at our work gym and then a double of combat and zumba at night

If that doesn't kill me, then I'm sure the trek will be a breeze :P

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