Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weigh in Week 7

Loss of 800 grams this week
I seem to have an obvious trend going on...big loss one week followed by a mediocre loss
Glad to have lost that much though as I came down with a nasty sore throat and cold this week which left me very unmotivated and tired
I felt something coming on on Sunday when I could not muster up any energy at Zumba...was a waste of a class really
Couldn't get out of bed on Monday either...and felt quite lazy and annoyed at myself for sitting on the couch all day
Stopped feeling sorry for myself yesterday though and managed to burn 250 cals on the treadmill followed by 500 cals at Zumba
I also got my new Polar FT7 HRM which I absolutely love! Certainly makes a huge difference in my workouts when I know how hard I am working
Went to the gym bright and early this morning and burnt 450 cals...was not going to leave until I reached at least 400!
Off to step class tonight.

Total weight lost in the past 7 weeks = 8.2kg!
Since Preseason- 10.5

Very happy with my results so far
at this rate, there's no reason why I shouldnt reach my ultimate goal of 55kg by my 25th birthday at the end of January!

In exactly 4 weeks, I'll be jetting off to Europe, so if I can lose at least another 3-4kg I'll be over the moon!!

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  1. Look at your weightloss over a 2 week period and you're very consistent. Sounds like you are kicking some exercise goals. And that's a fantastic loss since pre-season. Brilliant!